Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Here's to Some New Experiences

Hey guys and gals!

Before I begin I want to apologize for not keeping up with this blog as much as I had intended to. I wanted to post weekly, but clearly that hasn't been happening, #thanksadulthood! hahaha So anyway, disclaimer aside, let's begin.

As usual I have been doing a whole lot of working and sleeping. I haven't really had the time to do much else, with the exception of grocery shopping and running a few errands. Though I did take myself out to lunch. Now as silly as it may sound taking myself out to dinner was kind of a big deal. I took myself to Olive Garden because I wanted their food (obvious, right?) so I had to sit at a booth by myself amongst people with friends and family. Talk about feeling like a fish out of water! Going to a dine-in restaurant seems like it is one of those things that you just don't do alone. As uncomfortable as it was looking at an empty booth across the table, it was kind of a confidence booster. Mainly, because I have never really dined alone, I've almost always been with someone, but I did it. I dined alone. I'll take that small success. I once opened a fortune cookie and it read, "Don't let great ambitious overshadow small success.” I kept it in my wallet for a long time and though I’ve since lost it, I still remember the message. Sometimes I forget to apply it to my own, but I think now would be a good time to really apply it to my own life.

Probably the most exciting thing that I have done recently was something so unusual for me! I was invited by a friend to go to Bonaroo and I bought my ticket! In June, I will be spending a 3-day weekend with my friend surrounded by good music! It is something I never would have thought I would be doing, but low-and-behold! I am. I am so excited. I am also a little nervous, but I won't be alone so that's a relief. It is going to be such a wonderful, crazy experience!
In other news, I have signed up for a dance class so that will be interesting! I will be learning the American Tango. Yay! The biggest challenge will be balancing that with work because I signed up for it after the schedule came out. Whoops! Lesson learned, sign up for the class and THEN sign up for work. I'll have to remember that for my next class, whatever that may be.

Since this blog is taking me so long to write,  I can actually add in here the experience at my first dance class! For those of you who may not know I decided to sign up for American tango because dancing is awesome, especially something as graceful as the tango. The class itself was mostly older people which instantly made me feel more comfortable. Though most of the people there were couples, or friends. There were only two single women there, me and one other, and in order for the other single lady and I to get a dancing partner she had the men rotate some. I danced with four perfect strangers, one of them being the dance instructor. It was one of the most awkward things ever! My last dance partner and I danced with for most of the last half of class. He was married, but his wife wasn't there. I imagine he either wants to surprise her OR she just wasn't able to make it. Either way, I felt so scandalous! After the initial awkwardness I was able to just think, this is all for practice to get better and it's a bit difficult to tango solo.

The most interesting thing about the dance class was I had to trust my dance partner entirely since the man leads and I was dancing backwards. Because I have this need to be in control, it was a little difficult to adjust. I was also told not to think about the dance moves and not to anticipate anything. Good lord! It was like anxiety training, though I could use it.

Fortunately, I have accepted the fact I have zero control over the weather. Baby steps, right? I think this dance class is going to help me realize that it is okay to let go of control, and maybe it will help reinforce what my counselor keeps saying. The only thing I have control of is me at this moment. I have no control beyond that.

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